Professional Services

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I am delighted to offer editing, proofreading, as well as mentoring/coaching services.

If you’re someone who simply wants a quick “second pair of eyeballs” to take a look at your work in progress—or you want more in-depth help around any aspect of the (your) writing process, I’m happy to help in that way as well. I had a 14 1/2 year career as a life coach, and I really enjoyed helping people figure out what they had within them so they could reach their goals. (Please visit Small Change Life, my website oriented to wards health and personal growth.)

Writing can be a (very) challenging process, and my focus is to help you make it easier in whatever way I can. I consider my assistance to you an open dialogue.

In addition to what’s listed below, I also offer assistance with:

  • Character development
  • Plot development
  • Chapter/plot line order (something at the beginning may need to go at the end or middle)
  • Unhooking yourself from writer’s block
  • Creating realistic-sounding dialogue
  • How to research your characters and plot
  • How to fact-check
  • How to show your readers aspects of your story, rather than telling it to them
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Passive voice
  • Learning how to effectively self-edit
  • How to blog like you have the soul of Walter Cronkite in you
  • Anything else you feel you need help with for your writing

Also, I’m available to assist with paper writing as well as how to develop website content. There’s more to writing than just novels!


Type of Work Estimated Pace Range of Fees
Editing, basic copyediting 5-10 manuscript pages/hour $30-40/hour
Editing, heavy copyediting 2–5 manuscript pages/hour $40–50/hour
Editing, website copyediting $40-50/hour
Editing, developmental 1–5 pages/hour $45–55/hour
Editing, substantive or line 1–6 manuscript pages/hour $40–60/hour
Writing, ghostwriting $50-60/hour

* Student discounts (high school and college) are available with proof of valid student ID and current enrollment. I can provide feedback on papers for all subjects (not write them for you, however, of course!)

As I was once a college student, I completely understand about the scarcity of money, and so I’m also open to you discussing a sliding scale, or what you, as a student, feel what you can pay me.

Please contact me here, or using the information at the bottom of the page, for further information.

My background information is available here.

Bundle services are also available.

(E.g. any combination of my services listed above, plus mentoring, if you wish); rates would be determined by what it is you need or want.) Please contact me here or using the information at the bottom of this page to discuss this option if it’s what you feel you need.

In addition to staying in contact by phone and/or email, I am also happy to provide video coaching/mentoring through Skype if you want to discuss your work(s) in progress in person, as well as giving you the opportunity to read aloud a section of your work in progress. (Rates would depend on frequency/lengths of the calls.)

This is actually a terrific way to receive help in addition to having it come in the form of written feedback.

By reading aloud a section of your work, you are forced to hear how your readers will “hear” it in their heads. You pick up on rough spots your eyes miss, poor grammar, missed punctuation. When you read it aloud to an audience, it sharpens this experience. Plus I’m able to hear how feel the story is paced (plus there’s the joy of being read to!)

This is how we facilitate the 9 Bridges writers groups. Elizabyth Harrington, co-founder of 9 Bridges and Executor of the Board of Directors (I am also a sitting member) explains it wonderfully here.

As your project unfolds, we would absolutely stay in contact by email, Skype or by phone.

Before anything is decided, I’m happy to provide a free consultation by phone or Skype.

This way I can learn more about you, what it is you need and/or want, and you have the opportunity to ask me any further questions you may have.

You can contact me here, below, or by calling 503.641.2716. You can also email me at