I’m actively looking for guest writers to feature on Saturdays. My plan is to publish the guest posts on Saturdays. I’m working on a series of “how to write” posts that center around my process and will include worksheets, writing exercises and ways to keep the creativity moving forward.

Launch Code Special Deal!

Special deal to celebrate the launch of my new website! I’m working really hard on putting together a really great series of posts about how I go about the writing process. They’ll be chock full of tips and tricks, and even worksheets you’ll be able to download. In celebration of my new website, I’m offering … [Read more…]

Welcome to the Heather Curry Self Books Website!

Here you will find all things Heather the Author, as well as posts about writing, including guest posts from fellow authors. My intent here is to provide news about upcoming personal events, updates on my writing projects, as well as produce a series of posts on how I approach the writing process.